Regional Capacity-building Workshop on the development and strategic use of national large-scale learning assessments (Yaoundé, Decembre 3-5, 2019)


Concept note for the Workshop 3-5 December 2019, Yaoundé, Cameroon (EN)

Workshop report (EN) 

December 3: National Large-scale Learning Assessments in the context of SSA education systems

Introduction to TALENT and the Workshop (EN)

The promise of Large-scale learning assessment: presentation and activity (EN) - Maya Prince (UNESCO)

Overview of large-scale assessment programmes - Country presentations:

Côte d'Ivoire  - Joseph François Desiré Kauphy (EN)

Guinéa-Bissau - Samori Allende Fernandes (EN)

Cameroon - Madeleine Mamat (EN)

December 4: Principles and determinants for a strategic use of National large-scale learning assessment

Overview of large-scale assessment programmes - Country presentations (Continued):

Guinea - Moussa Diakité (EN) 

Zanzibar - Rashid Abdulaziz Mukki (EN)

The use of learning assessment data in the education planning cycle (EN) - Ieva Raudonyte (UNESCO-IIPE)

Case study: The Gambia (Modou Touray)

Key Quality Concepts of Learning Assessment (EN) - Ursula Schwantner & Andriy Dubovyk (ACER)

Large-scale assessment and equity and learning assessment in emergencies (EN) - Manuel Cardoso (UNICEF)

National learning assessments of student learning, Increasing opportunities for an effective use of data (EN)Patrick Nkengne (IIPE-Pôle de Dakar)

Overview of large-scale assessment programmes - Country presentations (Continued):

Mali - Hamidou Naparé et Mohamed  Maiga (EN)

Kenya - Asumpta Mulila (EN)

Chad - Aaron Patalé et Souleymane Hamid Ali (EN)

Congo - Jean Paulin Itoua (EN)

December 5: Policy support for the development and effective strategic use of large-scale learning assessments

Round table on the Funding of National Large-scale learning assessments

Group work:  Identifying common goods, strategies and tools to support decision makers in the development and use of National Large-scale Learning assessments