Functioning and composition of the RCG4-WCA

The RCG4-WCA is composed of a plenary group and eight task teams ; their work is supported by the Secretariat and is guided by the Steering Team.


ENG version Structure of RCG4 WCA



Plenary Group

The plenary group is the decision-making body of the RCG4-WCA. Its members include focal points from regional organizations responsible for education, and their principle responsibilities include:

  • Actively contribute to the meetings of the plenary group of RCG4-WCA and its technical task teams, ensuring proper individual and collective follow-up as necessary;
  • Contribute to the development, the implementation, the monitoring and reporting of a biannual work plan;
  • Mobilize member organizations’ expertise and technical support in implementing RCG4’s work plan and other joint activities;
  • Timely share information of interest with the plenary group and/or task teams as relevant and pertinent for the effective coordination of RCG4-WCA work in the region;
  • Facilitate information sharing, communication and interaction with country teams of respective member organizations and inform the RCG4-WCA on important issues, including relevant national processes and challenges, that may concern the rest of the group;
  • Inform the respective heads of agencies and relevant staff on the activities of the RCG4-WCA (reporting).


Steering Team

The Steering Team acts as the liaison between the RCG4-WCA Plenary Group and the Secretariat, giving direction to and supporting the Secretariat in the planning and implementation of RCG4-WCA activities between the plenary group meetings.

Steering Team Members:

The composition of the Steering Team consists of one chair (UNESCO) and focal points from six member organizations representing the RCG4-WCA constituencies as follows:

  • One chair, UNESCO (permanent),
  • African Union (AU)/ADEA (permanent member),
  • One UN organization: UNHCR/UNICEF
  • One multilateral organization: CONFEMEN
  • Two civil society organizations: ANCEFA, Educo
  • One additional representative: CAMES



The UNESCO Regional Office in Dakar acts as the coordinator of the group, with the guidance and support of the Steering Team.


Task Teams

The task teams focus on important technical or thematic issues related to SDG4 and common to the concerns of the majority of member organizations.