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Regional Workshop Classroom Based Formative Assessment

Concept note of the workshop - 2-4 July 2019, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Workshop report

July 2: Setting the ground

Introduction to TALENT and the workshop - Davide Ruscelli (EN)

Glossary and terminology: Introduction to the concepts of classroom assessment, formative evaluation and education alignment - Hugo Labate and Dakmara Georgescu (EN)

Results from the pre-workshop survey on common practices of classroom based formative assessment (EN)

Assessing in the classroom : addressing the formative vs summative assessment relation - Hungi Njora (EN)

Classroom based assessment of 21st century skills - Helyn Kim (EN)

Experience sharing in developing 21st centuy skills test items in Seneagl and the Gambia:

Identifying 21st century skills: the case of Senegal - Cheikhena Lam (EN)

Identify the 21st century skills: the case of the Gambia - Ousmane Senghor and Momodou Jeng (EN)

Video: "Advancing efforts to strengthen learning assessment systems - Ramya Vivekanandan (GPE Secretariat) (EN)

July 3 : Opportunities and innovations for classroom-based formative assessment

Learning from promising and innovative practices in ensuring effective use of classroom-based formative assessment: country presentations (part 1) from Senegal, Chad Kenya and Ethiopia:

Senegal - Arfang Seck (EN)

Chad - Aboubakar Ali Korei (EN)

Kenya - Jacqueline ONYANGO (EN)

Ethiopia - Dorothy Aanyu Angura (UNICEF Ethiopia) (EN)

Basic concepts to design quality classroom-based formative assessments - Hungi Njora (EN)

Building teachers’ capacity to facilitate learning - Helyn Kim (EN)

The role of formative assessment in reaching curriculum’s objectives - Dakmara Georgescu / Hugo Labate (EN)

Learning from promising and innovative practices in ensuring effective use of formative classroom-based  assessment: country presentations (part 2) from Tanzania, Malawi and Ghana:

Tanzania - Alfred Daniel Mdima (EN)

Malawi - Misheck Yagontha Munthali (EN)

Ghana - Prince Hamid Armah (EN)

July 4 : Policy support for improved teachers’ assessment capacity

Round-table on the tension between classroom-based formative assessment and standardised assessment - Marcelo souto (EN)