RBWCA Education Newsletter #33 – November 2021


We are pleased to share with you the latest UNHCR West & Central Africa Education Newsletter.

In this issue, you will find information on UNHCR’s education interventions in the region, as well as recent useful resources on education from UNHCR and its partners. 

As usual, you'll find the Newsletter’s content below and the full version online on UNHCR Operational Portal.


Refugee Education and Climate Action in the West & Central Africa Region

  • UNHCR’s Education Interventions:
    • [CAMEROON & CHAD] Educate a Child Programme: Strenghtening Access to Quality Primary Education for Refugee Children
    • [CHAD] Quality and Certified Vocational Training for Young Refugees
    • [NIGER] Improving Refugees’ Access to Higher Education through Connected Learning
    • [NIGERIA] How Investing in Tertiary Education of Refugees can Improve the Situation of their Communities
  • Education Resources
    • [IDMC] Impacts of Displacement: Displaced by Violence in Nigeria
    • [UNESCO] Global Education Monitoring Report 2021/22: Non-State Actors in Education
    • [USAID] Resilience in Return to Learning during COVID-19 Case Studies & Synthesis Report
  • Capacity Building & Events
    • [WEBINARS] Teacher Well-Being and Teacher Professional Development in Crisis Contexts