Global cooperation for education, the role of NGOs: 10th Global Collective Consultation of NGOs on Education 2030


Date: December 14, 2021

This 10th session of the biennial Global Meeting of the Collective Consultation of NGOs on Education 2030 (CCNGO) is a key time for UNESCO and CSOs to reflect on education’s most pressing challenges, renew our shared commitments and strengthen our partnership.

The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated inequalities, hit the most vulnerable and marginalized hardest and sets back the entire 2030 Agenda, including our global education goal. Civil society organizations, who carry the voice of those most at risk, have been at the forefront and at the grassroots to support learning continuity, to protect the right to education. 

In the wake of a post COVID-19 world, and to adapt to future challenge, a whole of society movement is needed for positive change. A new social contract for education must be formed with all partners that is inclusive, resilient, innovative and sustainable. 

The 10th Global meeting of the collective of NGOs (taking place online) will focus on: 

  • Strengthened partnerships between international, regional and national NGOs of the CCNGO-Education 2030
  • The role of NGOs in advancing SDG 4 
  • Monitoring and tracking education financing, options to improve the participation of civil society

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The Collective Consultation of NGOs on Education 2030 (CCNGO-Education 2030) is UNESCO’s key mechanism for dialogue, reflection and partnership with NGOs working in the field of education, read their working procedures.