Promoting a digital transition of TVET systems in Africa Save the date / Monday 25 October - Saturday 6 November 2021


IIEP-UNESCO Dakar is launching an e-conference to promote knowledge sharing on the challenges, opportunities and possibilities of the digital transition in national TVET systems.

The conference’s goal is to share the experiences of TVET actors across Africa, to collect ideas, reflections and practical proposals for a better implementation of digital technology in national skills development systems. The specific themes of the conference will be released in October.

The issues and challenges of TVET digitalization in Africa

TVET reforms in Africa in the coming years will lead to a profound transformation in the way TVET systems function. Digitising TVET processes across the board on y awill make it possible to take better advantage of the possibilities offered by information technology and respond to the changing demands of the labour markets.

Digital technology is an essential element of this process of change: digitizing educational tools, training courses, capacity building of trainers, targeted skills and tools for professional integration are already directly engaging stakeholders.

Dates of the e-conference: from Monday 25 October to Saturday 6 November 2021

How to participate: The e-conference will take place in the Forum for TVET in Africa launched in May 2021. Discussions will be held in French and English. To register for the Forum (if you have not already done so) and take part in the conference, click here and then on « Log in ». If this is your first visit, request your registration by clicking on the "sign-in" link and complete your member profile as soon as you receive the approval email from the administrators.

Participants: managers of TVET in Africa (central administration, training funds, heads of establishments), representatives of the private sector (employers’ organization, digital & ICT companies), TVET experts of international cooperation, managers of digital educational platforms, researchers.