Central African Republic: Promising progress in education despite many challenges

GPE is helping the most vulnerable regions in Central African Republic by providing learning opportunities to 50,000 primary school and 3,500 pre-primary school children.

April 22, 2020 by Naoko Hosaka, Global Partnership for Education Secretariat 
A classroom in the Central African Republic.

(c) GPE/Naoko Hosaka and Youmna Sfeir. A temporary classroom under a tent in Bossangoa, Central African Republic


When I got out of a small WFP flight in Bossangoa, an hour away from the capital city Bangui, the scenery had changed completely: before me was a vast empty area used as an airport with dusty roads leading us to the town of Bossangoa. 

Yet, when I approached one of the schools, my impression changed again. Standing outside of a pre-primary classroom built under a tent, I heard children singing loudly in French. When I entered, I saw children singing and dancing in a nicely decorated space, equipped with educational toys, just like what I’m used to seeing in my country.

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