Task teams 

The task teams focus on important technical or thematic issues related to SDG4 and common to the concerns of most organizations. These issues/themes must be proposed or approved by the majority of member organizations.

The task teams may focus on SDG4 targets and means of implementation, as well as on important themes that cross several SDG4 targets (such as planning, monitoring, and teaching and learning).


The key responsibilities of RCG4-WCA task teams include:

  • Act as RCG4-WCA focal point for requests in a specific thematic area

  • Provide support in areas of expertise to national education ministries and institutions, local education groups, and key national and regional partners

  • Develop, implement, monitor progress, and report on an agreed work plan

  • Conduct and/or organize research, knowledge sharing, and capacity development activities in thematic areas

  • Support in the strategic and thematic area to country and regional partners through flexible mechanisms

  • Brief and disseminate relevant information on policy changes, recent findings, etc. to keep RCG4-WCA members updated

  • Flag emerging issues of importance to the rest of the RCG4-WCA

  • Consult with key regional partners to seek guidance on areas where more joint support by the RCG4-WCA is needed


Working modalities

  • Tools/Analytical work 

  • Knowledge management

  • Country support

  • Capacity strengthening


List of operational task teams (December 2018)