Objectives and key functions


The Regional Coordination Group on SDG4-Education 2030 in West and Central Africa (RCG4-WCA), created in May 2016, supports the integration, implementation and follow-up of the SDG4-Education 2030 in countries of the West and Central Africa region, taking into account their development contexts and aspirations.

Thus, its objective is to contribute to the achievement of the SDG4: “Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities.” As the West and Central Africa region is particularly vulnerable to the many current crises facing the world, particular attention will be paid to the importance of supporting governments in designing more inclusive, responsive, and resilient education systems in order to address the needs of children, youth, and adults, including internally displaced persons and refugees.

The RCG4-WCA enables all major regional actors involved in the development of education in WCA to come together to define and coordinate collective strategies and joint actions in advocacy, technical assistance, and capacity building, and to exchange best practices, tools, and information for more inclusive, responsive, and resilient education systems.


Specifically, the key functions of the RCG4-WCA are:

  • Provide a regional space for dialogue and communication through regular meetings;

  • Facilitate exchange of knowledge, experiences, expertise and information, including by means of an online platform;

  • Develop joint regional programmes to support national education development in light of SDG4 and its targets, including in areas of results-based planning, the use of SDG4 indicator framework, advocacy, capacity development and resource mobilization for national plan development, implementation and monitoring;

  • Support linking global-level efforts, initiatives and discussions with country-level processes, challenges and evidence (in terms of e.g. policy, financing, monitoring and reporting);

  • Ensure coordination and cross-fertilization with the (planned) Eastern and Southern Africa (ESA) RCG4, as well as with other continents’ coordination mechanisms.